Replacement Parts List 
CTR960 Countertop Router for Drop-in Sinks
CTR960 Countertop Router Tired of using making/looking for/replacing wood templates for sink openings? The CTR960 eliminates the need for templates for all of your rectangular sink cutouts. Just position the countertop with the laser line, set the stops to your opening size (takes less than a minute), clamp the top and rout. The machine comes with 2 different corner radius sizes and you can order additional corner radius sizes if needed.

Oval and irregular shapes are easy to do also, using a template. The holddown clamps simply clamp your template tightly in place without screws.

Plus – you can create your own coped sidesplash blocks and “L-shaped” endcaps with optional custom templates.
Laminate endcaps
Coped sidesplash
Template-less routing
Backsplash stop
  • No templates needed for rectangular openings

  • Multiple corner radiuses

  • Can make coped sideslash blocks (optional)

  • Can make laminate endcap blanks (optional)

See CTR960-U Undermount Sink Router